Supporting Arts Without Boundaries

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With grateful thanks to the Legacy Fund initiative from the Province of West Kent, we were able to donate £500 to local charity Arts Without Boundaries.

Arts Without Boundaries (AwB) was developed from Band without Boundaries (BwB) which was formed in 2011.

BwB originated a partnership with Community Futures Kent who were supporting the social inclusion of people with learning disabilities in Kent and the South East. The band is an accessible community music group whose members include both disabled and non-disabled participants with an age span of eight decades and a shared passion for music. Together with their members they have learned and developed inclusive ways of creating and performing a high standard of music. They also recognise the importance of social interaction, having fun and the benefits for health and well being.”

Some years ago we provided a donation in memory of W. Bro Paul Newman when he passed away and in recognition of his love of music. We were delighted that our application to the Legacy Fund met the criteria for funding.

Do visit their website and see some of the amazing work they do and if you get a chance, go along to one of their events. I was delighted to see one of their concerts at Sevenoaks School. The performers were excellent and your support is very much appreciated.